Scientific popularization

Workshops Math en Jeans (2018 - 2020)


In collaboration with teaching professors L Canat (High school Louis Armand) and E Margain (Middle school Côte Rousse), I organized during 2 years the workshops Math en Jeans. Each year, about 20 students have become researcher in mathematics. Forming groups of 3 to 4 persons, they have worked on variou topics:

What future do emperor penguins face?

This mainstream press article has been published in Conservation, Techno Science, Technologie Media with press releases from CNRS and Univ. Savoie Mont–Blanc, to raise awareness among people about the ecological impact of Paris’agreement on climate.

Public lectures

I give regularly public presentations on various domain of my research.

ENS Paris-Saclay, Seminar Panorama de la recherche (2020)

I presented applied mathematics at the seminar Panorama de la recherche organized for the first year student of ENS Paris-Scalay. This seminar provides them some perspectives on various field of mathematics. During my presentation, I offer them an overview on How to describe and predict species propagation using mathematics: Mathematical models in population dynamics.

About mathematics (2019)

This one day conference has been organized in the context of 80 birthday of CNRS. It aims to present an overview of mathematics to a broad audience ranging from students to researchers. See this link for more details « About mathematics », sharing one day with LAMA members to enjoy mathematics.

Colloquium Buxus (Orléans, 2019)

The colloquium organized by the French Association des Parcs et Jardins en région Centre-Val de Loire, provided an overview of the up to date scientific progress to fight buxus depletion and its pest, such as buxus tree moth. It also offered public debates on the "jardins à la francaise" future.

Week of Mathematics (2015 - 2018)

During the week of Mathematics, I gave some lectures on various topics in high schools around Chambery: