PhD students and Post-doctoral fellows

Marc Ohlmann


I am currently Post-doc in Laboratoire de Mathématiques, Université Savoie-Mont Blanc. My research is at the crossroads between ecology and mathematics. I particularly focus on statistical models of interactions and methods of network comparison on eDNA data. My website: You will find a tutorial on the 'econetwork' R package.

Maria Martignoni Mseya

Affiche During my PhD I have been working on developing a series of ordinary and partial differential equation models for AMF and plant growth, to assess the risks and benefits connected with the introduction of commercial arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF). Beneficial plant-microbe interactions, in particular the widespread symbiosis between plants and AMF, offer promising strategies for sustainable agriculture worldwide. However, relatively few studies have verified the impact of commercial AMF on the native fungal community, or its long term effectiveness. The goal of my project is to determine the circumstances under which the commercial AMF will coexist with, rather than outcompete, wild AMF and effectively boost plant productivity.

Léo Ledru


I am interested in modeling ecosystem evolution from natural selection. My first focus is on emergence of mutualism from parasitism. I aim to understand multi-level selection by studying mutualism evolution. In particular, I study the major transition from parasitism to mutualism in plant symbiont systems. Secondly, I am interested in eco-evolution of foraging in resource-consumer communities. I develop a mathematical model to explore the relation between diversity and stability when an eco-evolution feedback and a foraging behavior are involved.

Pierre Lafontaine


My research focuses on the dynamics of neutral genetic diversity in a metapopulation with possibly stage structure. I only study neutral genetic markers that have no influence on individual fitness. I aim to understand how the interactions between local dynamics of each population composing the metapopulation and their exchange through migration shapes the neutral genetic diversity at the local ad global scale.

Florian Patout


My work is focused around mathematics for biology and ecology. I am studying integro-differential Partial Differential Equations related to models of expansion and evolution of the diversity of a population.