Position : CNRS junior researcher

Research interests :

Mathematical modeling – Nonlinear Analysis of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs)

Applications to Ecology and Evolution.

Biological invasions, spreading speed and traveling waves, climate change and adaptation, mutualism, genetic diversity...

PhD or Master thesis : contact me jimmy.garnier [at] univ-smb.fr

Scientific events

Mathematical models in ecology and evolution
21-25 march 2022, Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, France

I am organizing in collaboration with Vincent Calvez, Florence Débarre and Amandine Véber a workshop on mathematical modeling in ecology and evolution.


Symposium at ISEM conference "Emergence and stability of mutualism interactions"
12-16 Octobre 2021, Univ Toronto, Canada

I am organizing in collaboration with Maria Martignoni (Memorial Univ, Canada) a symposium about the emergence and stability of mutualism.

MOPGA fellowship of Rebecca Tyson

Rebecca Tyson (Canada) had received the selective fellowship “Make our planet great again” (MOPGA) to visit my lab and collaborate on a project on mutualism. She is a famous researcher in applied mathematics to ecology from Univ British Columbia.


What future do emperor penguins face?

This mainstream press article has been published in Conservation, Techno Science, Technologie Media with press releases from CNRS and Univ. Savoie Mont–Blanc, to raise awareness among people about the ecological impact of Paris’agreement on climate.

Workshop EDPs² -- Thursday at 1:30pm

Our discussion meeting gives the opportunity for all the members of the EDPs² team (researcher, phd students, post-doctorant) and their invited colleagues to present their forthcoming works or projects in an informal way.

Seminar in PDEs -- Friday at 2pm

I organize the seminar of my team PDEs: Deterministic and Probabilistics study.